Sunday, March 15, 2009

I really like to check my e-mail in the Apple store in San Francisco. In Tokyo it was Yahoo cafe in Omotesando. I lived close by and went there every day. Many young Russian models were there also checking their e-mails. They were all like 15 years old, very tall and very thin. They looked like aliens. But some were very cute. I knew that they must have been had different experiences in Japan then I did. But I had no interest to find out.
I liked to go shopping. I woke up every day about 11 am and went out the door. I had all day free until about 6 pm when I had to be home to take shower and get dressed for work. It was quite dangerous to live in Omotesando, because as soon as you go out the door - shops are everywhere. I felt like I lived in one big shopping center. And in the summer they all have sale. So my days in Tokyo were like endless shopping trips with short stops for ice coffee with some customer who happened by coincidence to be near buy. But it never was boring. To me it's impossible to be bored in Japan. There is so much things to know - for example Kanji. I really like KANJI. I like how they look. I like that I don't know what many of them mean, I like to watch how people write or read them. I liked that even I could speak Japanese I could not read anything if it was written in Chinese characters. So I was there and I was not there in the same time. And it's very cute. That real helplessness is very cute and maybe it is one of the reasons why Japanese people attracted to foreigners.

From my house I could go any direction. In Tokyo - walking from one big station to another takes about 20 minutes. 20 minutes from Omotesando to Harajuku. 20 minutes from Harajuku to Shibuya. 20 min. from Shibuya to Minami Azabu, 20 min. from Minami Azabu to Roppongi. 20 min. fro Akihabara to Ginza. from Shinjuku to Shibuya and ect... I walked Tokyo everywhere every day. From Roppongi to Omotesando is 40 min walk and I walked it every night after my work in "Casablanca".

20 minutes seem not a long time, but in the summer it can almost kill you, because it's very hot and very wet. That is another reason to go into shops or a cafe - to hide from the hit and feel the cool air of air conditioner. Also it's impossible not to drink lots of liquid and soon enough you can see the result of your life in Tokyo on your skin and hair. It becomes very good and healthy. At list mine felt great. The water in the shower is also very different from the one we use in the USA. In Japan even water is very soft.

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