Saturday, February 7, 2009

I think Terrorists are kind of go together with strippers. They outcasts. Maybe the reasons why people become strippers and terrorists are kind of the same? So if we figured out the mistery of strippers today, one day we will know how to make terrorists peaceful. I think we should start with respect. And then figure out who they are and what they really want. I wrote more about it on one russian website, but it was a bit too much. And they erazed it. So I'll repite it here: I think that terrorists, who are in jail, can be useful to re-build what they or their "friends" ruined. I think taking them out of jail and puting on constraction sites would be a good idea. If they would know that them or their friends would have to re-build things they brake - they might stop ruining things things and start talking!

Or singing! Alcaida should start sing with real singers!!!! And singing terrorist is not a terrorist anymore - it's a singer! I mean real singer should sing with real terrorist and it will be the begining of the peace. I think someone like Bono could do it. I feel like terrorists would like U2. Everyone likes U2.

I remember I was invited to the concert of N.A.T.O in Moscow in the Kremlin, on 11.09, 200... The tickes to the concert looked liked real plane tickets...but the concert was canceled last moment. Someone prohibited it. Maybe there was too many terrorists in Kremlin already and one more would be too much. But I think Ivan Shapovalov was right, but a bit ahad of his time. What else artists can do for peace, if not sing the song? Write poem? And etc.

For peace, I'm starting to make "Terrorist" t-shirts! Each of us is kind of terrorist, in some way, so maybe if we can understand ourselves, we can understand terrorists better and make a peace. HERE YOU CAN FIND YOUR TERRORIST T-SHIRT!

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