Thursday, February 26, 2009

Actually, I'm happy about everything in my life now except my money situation. Which makes me together with 99% of population of this planet. (Finally I found common ground!) Ones I came to the party with many important people and I asked around how much people own to their banks. The answers were like $300 000, $100 000, $75 000... And suddenly I realized that I was the richest person in the room! I'm not working and own just a little more then $10 000 to my bank. And before I started to take photos - I never owned anything to my banks at all. This is my biggest debt EVER. That is why I'm very nervous. Maybe it's time to go back to work. Or maybe I need to make my own money, like Seryoga. He is great. He gave me 2 000 000 dollars. Thank you Seryoga! You are real man! But how do I pay my rent?

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