Thursday, February 26, 2009

10 years ago I lived in Roppongi. In the mansion that was not broken when everything around was broken for building Roppongi Hills. It's still there. Alone on the corner of Teri asa dori and Roppongi dori. My neighbor was Koji Muzutani. Graphic designer, photographer and Art director. His office was on the last floor, one floor above my apartment. I went to drink green tea to Muzutani san's office a lot. He started new project then. And called it "Merry". With simple camera he took photos of young people in Harajuku and recorded their voices talking about what is Merry for them. Now, ten years later, see the progress:

For the Beijing Olympics (2008)opening ceremony, Muzutani san presented over 1100 children's Merry smiles.
When the theme song " You and me" started at the climax, 2008 girls opened those Merry smiles's umbrellas.Then 2008 smile's fireworks were also seen in the sky.Mr. Chang Yi Mou said,"Those smiles are shining. When people see the children's smiles, all of them must be moved. Because they hope for beautiful future ."

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