Friday, January 16, 2009

Today in one newspaper, Bono was talking about 2 mining's of Frank Sinatra's "My way". I want to talk about 3rd one. Frank Sinatra did "it" his way. I do "it" sometimes with Hello Kitty. And what is your way of doing "it"? I really hope that one day Hello Kitty will become my sponsor. They make great things including great suit cases! I have a black one. I used to have a pink one, but it always got dirty in the baggage place. I think there should be flying stripper Hello Kitty line for traveling "FLYING STRIPPERS", "Hello Kitties" and the rest of the world .... (dancers really like "Hello Kitty" products! When I lived in Japan, I though that it's only for old ladies. But then I sow lots of dancers in San Francisco with it and I got many things from "Hello Kitty" store too. )

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