Thursday, January 15, 2009

OK. I have a great idea and no one should still it! People often complain that there is many Homeless people in San Francisco! Especially by Union sq. I know that city builds houses for them, but I sow one movie (documentary) and homeless people said that they come to that house for them, and then they leave because they just can't stay inside. They feel claustrophobic. So they go on the streets again. They live there. So I HAVE A GREAT IDEA. WE CAN USE THEM AS ADVERTISING BORDS. THEY CAN WHERE T-SHIRT'S OR HATS WITH WHATEVER COMPANY LOGO. AND OF COURSE YOU SHOULD PAY TO THEM LIKE 100$ A DAY - LIKE A NORMAL PEOPLE GET. AND THEY WILL HANG OUT IN DOWN TOWN AND DO THEIR THING AND PROMOTE YOUR COMPANY! MANY TOURISTS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD WILL SEE YOUR COMPANY ADVERTISING ON A T-SHIRT!!!!! AND THEY GET FREE CLOSES AND THEY WILL STILL GET MONEY FROM TOURISTS. SO THEIR SALARY WILL BE EVEN BIGER EVERY DAY. AND THEY WILL BE PROUD OF THEMSELVES AND MAYBE SOME WILL GET BETTER LIVES! MAYBE THEY ALSO HAD BEEN BITTEN BY SOME ONE IN THEIR LIFE (like Apples logo)... I think APPLE could do it for a day at list! It would be great event!... Their store right in down town. And there is a homeless man was siting right in front of it! (He is on my photo below in "FLYING STRIPPERS" heat.) He would look great in a blue t-shirt! And also MACY'S! Last Christmas "Believe" campaign t-shirts would of bin looking great on homeless people sitting everywhere around MACY'S. And not only on the shopping bags.

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