Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've been thinking of what to do when I will go back to SF. I thought I can sale the film I made - the story board film of my film. I can sale it on the street for 20 $ . Right on Union sq. I need to sale 25 000 CD to collect 500 000$. 5 CDs = 100$ = 1 VIP dance in Hustler = 3 songs= 9 min. So to collect 500 000$ I need to do 5 000 VIP dances in Hustler = 15 000 songs. And I then could make a movie... Or I can sale my DVD's in Hustler during VIP dances... Or even with out dances... I think I will cary my DVD's for sale everywhere now. And I will sale it to everyone I meet. All money from it will go to bugged of my movie. ASK ME ABOUT MY DVD FOR SALE!!!!!

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