Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's quite amazing, but it seems I have no chance to become a stripper in NYC! And check out what is going on in the clubs here. I mean sure I have few more days here, but GOD I guess tells me to stop. Will see how will it go. Today I met with my high school friend from Obninsk who is Vice president of one of the devisions of J.P. Morgan now. Then I went to Sapphires, but they said they not hiring. I took taxi to Scores, and I sow some people with camera's there. They were shooting music video in front of the club next to Scores. A guy came up to me saying : "Vera!" and I recognized Aaron - one of my classmates from the Academy of Art. He lives in LA and came out to NYC to shoot music video for some English singer. The production company people were also my classmates. A girl and a guy! And they were all there! And of course we all remembered each other, even we haven't seen each other for 10 years! Scores was closed. So I couldn't go in. But the singer was looking like stripper.

Then Gera Gavrilov called and I went to his office for a minute. He is finishing movie as well .
Then Sam Khlebanov called. His first film as a producer going to play in Tribeca tomorrow night. So if he has free tickets - I will go see the movie. Means my dancing carrier is on hold for a moment.
I never got to see Sam's movie. I heard it's not very good.

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