Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today I discovered bagels in "Starbucks". They look like life saving jackets.  I ate one and turned my head to the window. Vincent Gallo was looking at me from the build board stand. 

Pepsi also has knew campaign... Not sure what they try to achieve.

TV advertising secret #4. Comparison: simply shows how the product is superior to a competitor's. (the "Pepsi" challenge)

But who wants to drink Pepsi this days? I think if would be great if they could sale same quality green tea, like in Japan. And it would be great if they would learn how to make beverages in Japan. Japan has the best collection of beverages to any taste. It is actually good advise to all beverages producing companies in the USA.  Coca-Cola sales great beverages in Japan - (not Cola) - but why not here????? It's really strange... 

I'm personally having hard time with drinking here - I only buy bottled water. But it's kind of boring... Green tea I like - and it means everyone would like - is only in very few stores, but they all far from my house. 

As soon as I wrote this and went for a walk I sow another build board stand with Vincent Gallo. But he was not looking at me no more. And the next day I sow the same company add, but already without my friend in it.

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