Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thinking about cars the other day I sow the sign of MAZDA! And it's a Seagull. No wonder I chose this car 12 years ago! That brought me to Chehov's "Seagull" and then to Ostrovsky  play "Thunderstorm" and then to the paper that we wrote in class in high school. It was about one other character of that play, Katerina. The question was: "Is Katerina's character strong or weak". I was not sure then. She killed herself in the end.

"Отчего люди не летают! отчего люди не летают, так, как птицы?... Мне иногда кажется, что я птица. Когда стоишь на горе, так тебя и тянет лететь. Вот так бы разбежалась, подняла руки и полетела...".

Now I understand her as never. Of corse she was strong! But she would not be killing herself if "FLYING STRIPPERS" would exist then. She just could become a STRIPPER!!!!! And FLY!

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