Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just wanted to make sure that you understand. I started this blog after going to Jean Pigozzi's party in Cannes 2 years ago. Looking at the photos from that party I was wondering, how come if I have so many great friends, I'm still not making my movie? Johnny maybe thought that I started my blog for some different reasons, maybe he thought that I was jealous of his girl friends or something, but he was wrong. Being at the party and looking at the people around, I was feeling that he needs a girl who would reaaaaallllllllly like him.

And also - this blog is very different from my book "Last train from Roppongi". There I was writing all that was happening. Here - a lot is reaction to what is happening. Not a real facts. Johnny scared me. And I can't write real facts no more. It's really sad... But I'm sure one day - I will write real facts again. I think he is REALLY not fare.

THE synchronicity in my life WENT SOOOO SOOOOOO HIGH.

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