Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tonight I had interesting dream. Johnny Pigozzi came to my house in Russia and met my family. My brother and his friends took us to the constriction site of apartments they do and it was very nice. Then suddenly Johnny became mr. Obama. My brother and his friends didn't seem to notice. And I didn't want to tell my brother and his friends that he is the president of America. I thought they would treat him different then. Mr. Obama liked huge water fountains in the court yard of the apartment complex. He liked that water was going into different directions. We enter our new apartment on the first floor and looked from the window how kids play snow balls under decorative lights. We stayed very close, there was a moment of unity and Mr. Obama kissed my hand. I thought about Michelle for a moment, but then realized - it had nothing to do with her. It was only between me and him. Everyone started leaving...On the way out my mother was cooking something in the kitchen. I woke up remembering the kiss of Mr. Obama. It was very warm and sweet.

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