Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Today I met Russian girl who like me went to Tokyo to work in the karaoke club. She got married with Japanese man (customer), but then instead of living in Japan, he brought her to the USA, to San Jose. Things didn't work out between them (she really liked Tokyo) and they had to get divorce. When she came for 2 weeks to Tokyo to get divorced, he didn't want to see her until the divorce day. So he got her bus tickets for sight seeing Tokyo, for 2 weeks - many different sights. And gave her $500, left a lot of food in the fridge and went to Kyoto. Every day she had something to do and eat. Tours were in Japanese, she couldn't understand anything and she invited her other customers to go sight seeing with her. This is DIVORCE JAPANESE STYLE. (of course he left all the furniture in their apartment in San Jose to her too) X-Husband was worry about how his Russian x-wife will survive in the USA alone. So he introduce her to the Japanese karaoke club, where she could work. And then he became her customer there. The girl didn't want her x-husband to be her customer and quit work in karaoke. Now she found herself a Taiwanese boyfriend who is very jealous about her Japanese past.

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