Monday, February 16, 2009

After the spa I had a genius idea! I know who should invest in my movie! Bill Clinton! Maybe I should write him a letter:

Dear Bill Clinton! My name is Vera Svechina. I'm from Russia, Obninsk. In my home town we have first nuclear power factory in the world. During 90 by total chance I went to Japan to work in karaoke club where I had some amazing experiences and my book and the screen play "Last train from Roppongi" was born. It's about Russian girls hostesses working in karaoke clubs in Japan. I'm writing to you, because I understand that it's very hard for a man like you not being sexually attracted to woman! And I hope woman also understand that. In a same way woman is very attracted to man like you too. You should understand it as well. So to promote love of any kind, I propose you to invest in my movie - "Last train from Roppongi" ( more about it you can read in my blog). I think it will be greatest heritage that you can leave to younger generation of this planet.

(Also we all should work on making sex industry safe and legal all over the world. But this is a different story...)

Sincerely, Writer and Director, Vera Svechina.

P.S. Dear Monica Luinski, you also must invest in my move! I think it's time for you guys to become friends again!

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