Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last night I asked 20 years old very cute american dancer girl: "What is a Play Boy?"
-It's a magazine - she said.
-Yes, but what kind of person is a play boy?
-It's not a person. It's a bunny.
-But what is a play boy person means?
-Maybe, a man who created Playboy magazine? I think he created word play boy. Or maybe it's a man, who likes to read dirty magazines?
-But what kind of person is it?
-It's not a person, it's a bunny.

Then I asked one of the customers the same question.
-It's a young man who has a lots of money and spends it however he wants.
- So it has nothing to do with having a lots of woman?
-I don't know, maybe you are right.

Then I asked black girl: What is play boy?
-It's a magazine with lots of white holes in it. ( I never heard this saying before! V.S.) Smooth guy with character. Guy who would have Playboy girls.

Then I asked Asian girl the same question.
- Handsome, has a lot of girls. Cheater, who doesn't care. No girlfriend. Only sexual intercourse.

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