Thursday, January 15, 2009

I just red in News Paper that Steve Jobs, Apple’s Chief Takes a Medical Leave until June. I have a few ideas for new Apple.... Not sure if they want to listen... But I had my very thin Sharp "Mebius" from Japan from very early 2000... For some reason the model was "Only for Japan". And also a printer... I got in Japan and it was also "only for Japan". It was a great 6 colors "Epson" printer, but I couldn't get ink in the USA. To print photos. So my customers sent it to me from Japan. I want to say big thanks to them again.

Also I don't understand what is genius about Apple Logo? Bitten Apple? Eve did it long time ago. And I did it when I was about 5 years old. We didn't have many apples for sale in SOVIET UNION in the winter, so when my parents would bring apples I would bite them all and put them on the plate so no one can see the bites. Then when someone from the family wanted to eat apple - it was already biten and no one wanted it. Then, I could it them all.... :)
Now I also prefer to eat apple before someone who I don't know bites it. If it's someone I know - then it's ok. They can bite first. I would even propose: "Would you like to bite?"

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