Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today I went to Serega's concert. I gave him one "FLYING STRIPPERS" T-shirt. He doesn't like gay people though....FLY HIGH! Serega!
I asked Serega if like a successful artist from Gomel, he wants to support an inspiring photo book about strippers and take a photo with it or hold a "FLYING STRIPPERS" hat. He said yes, but he will not where a hat or hold a book for photo. And the guy close to him said that holding a book will cost me 100 000$. I wonder how much Seryoga paid to Bill Gates to be in his video.... Sorry Seryoga. For our project photo of you alone is just not enough. And also you didn't pay me to be in your video. And I wonder if you paid to S. Selyanov, S. Chelianz and Petya Buslov for songs "Bumer" and "Bumer2"? Sergei Selyanov needs money to make my movie: "Last train from Roppongi"

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