Friday, November 7, 2008

Ok.  All photo books about sexy industries that I've seen so far are made with "sorry" or "pity" or "dirty" look at it. I just sow 2 books, very famous ones and I just felt that it was what photographer felt when he was taking photos. It's havy and not happy. People on the photos are kind of "weirdoes". And photographer gets the name. He is soooo cool that he (or she) took photos of those "weirdoes". How sick is that? Stopped by one gallery. The one I was originally thinking of. Met the girl owner. She told me that "making prostitution legal" low didn't pass in San Francisco recently and everyone is disappointed ... I would totally vote for "medical prostitution". To bad I can't vote yet.  Then they proposed to stop same sex marriage... Where is our world going??? And I thought San Francisco is a fun city! My book will be THE HAPPY book about strip dancers. The ONE and only. I'm buying it now and it makes me very happy!!!

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