Thursday, October 9, 2008

I looked at the new website of "Hustler" club in SF and I sow there photos of all the girls I know and warm feeling of nostalgia came up to me. Now since some time past, from the distance, I remember about how much fun it was working there!

How great the girls were! How strange it was to dress (or undress) sexy and walk around in big hills almost naked and not even thinking that it' strange no more, talking to everyone who you see for the first time, like you know them forever.

How the only problem in life was to make sure that you not forget to bring your panties to work. Or you need to go to the store around the corner and buy a new one and they might not have what you need.

I remember how i couldn't believe that I really started to dance and I didn't know how to call it for myself - what I do. And how the word "stripper" made me almost scream from fear. How I didn't want to buy a platform shoes for a year, and danced in the pink high hills sandals till they broke apart, because I thought if I don't have a platform shoes, then I'm still not a stripper. How for a year I was shy to take off my bra on stage and one experienced dancer couldn't believe me : "Do you afraid to show your breasts?????"

How jealous and inspired I was to see that new girls - students from Voronezh, who came to work for the summer, learned lot's of pole tricks just in a month and I didn't even try to do it ones, thinking that it's impossible for me and that everyone should be happy that I'm there at all. But looking at those 20 yers old Russian girls and realizing that I'm wasting my time because I'm not trying something knew - I got a pole for my apartment and started practicing. I'll never forget the moment it arrived. "Can I ask what is it?" - the mail man asked caring heavy long box inside. "It's a pole" - I replied. He was surprised. I put it under my bed and went to work. Next morning I woke up, sow it laying there and I felt soooo liberated! I felt like it was the best thing I ever got for myself in my life!

It was also fun to see the faces of guys, who would come up to me somewhere in the normal bar and to the question "what do you do?" simply say: "I'm a stripper!" Most guys don't expect that and don't know what to say next. Usually they just leave or start to say some nonsense. And it's really funny! It's a great line to get rid of all the guys you don't like to talk too.

How strange it was to go to the beautiful underwear shop and walk around thinking not about a man, but about the work. How strange it was during the dance to see a blood on white guys trousers around the crotch and thinking that maybe it's your period started and you forgot a tampon, but really it is man's pines cracked from over excitement and you never even touched the man!

How strange and how fun it was to go to other strip clubs (that started to happen a lot when I was taking pictures) and be there like fish in the water walking in for free everywhere saying 4 magic words: "I work in Hustler".

Anyway - I had a great time there and this is my tribute to the place. If I remember anything else that was fun - I will write some more.

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