Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I remember playing with TAMOGUCHI. It was very serious. When it just came out, I was in Tokyo. It was very hard to get, even in Japan and I remember when my Japanese friend - a lover of all the computer games, toys and all kind of gadgets, gave me one - and I felt very happy and responsible. It was purple. Cute. I would stop everything I was doing to fit it play with it when I hear it's sound. Or I would just watch it when it was sleeping. Making  silent "Azzzzz.." sound. And I felt very sad when it would die. Then it would be born again and the next time I felt even more responsible then before. And I would play with it more often and I was very happy to see that it's eating well... And  sleeping again... I would always make sure that it eats a lot. It was going on forever. Maybe a year, until I lost it or maybe it got stolen.... My friend was a fun of X-BOX and play station. And liked to play a games in a real time. One of them was - fallowing the bear who was living in the forest. Basically the game was to watch a bear's life. The bear wakes up in the morning and make his bed. Then he is going to visit friends, he walks in the forest, picks up berries. I remember watching him crossing the bridge ... And my friend would watch him on TV on his free time. The bear had his own life there. He would go to sleep for 8 hours and then alarm would sound. What is the alarm? It's a bear waking up... And my friend would turn on TV and again watch what bear was doing. The same friend d a collection of very very tiny models of everything. Tiny refrigerator, tiny iron... and he spent lot's of money on those... His ancestors was SAMURAI and he had a real old samurai sword at his parents home. They are not allowed to be kept at home, but I think many families keep it as a family relic.

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