Thursday, October 2, 2008

It takes one and half hour to go to Moscow from my city on mini van. In the mini van I wanted to touch the dog that woman had in her bag. She seemed so soft. But she was siting so far away from me, that I could only touch her with my camera - I could only take picture. I went to Moscow to meet a girl, young movie director and we ended up talking for 3 hours non stop.  About.... making movies... I didn't noticed time. She said that producers told her before that they don't like to work with woman directors. I heard it too. To me a very famous Russian producer said ones: "How can you be a movie director? You have breasts! I've never seen any woman who made a good film and who looked like a woman." I also heard it in Japan. I went to a meeting with one distributor. It was a very hot day and I was wearing a  summer dress. The first thing he asked me looking at my dress: " Doshita no? Eiga yameta?" (What happened? Did you quit making movies?) :)
My head was spinning on the way to the train from 3 big cups of very strong coffee. I don't want to drink coffee no more.

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