Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today very interesting thing happened in my dream. Usually I believe in my dreams and many times happened that what I see in my dreams later happens in my life. Tonight I sow my father, who died about one year ago. We sit together in some room and we talked and he walked around. I thought he was real and I was listening to him very carefully trying to catch every word of his and every movement. Even that I knew I was dreaming I was totally conches. He asked me: "Do you want to come where I'm?" I was like : "No, I don't want. I want to make my movie!" He walked around a bit more. He had some staff with him (could be a photo camera, but I'm not sure) that he put where he was sitting. "Better tell me where you put your work book? - I asked. (there is a book every russian person has that records places where person work through their life) Mom can't find it anywhere!" - It was true. I was hoping he could give me the answer! But instead - he just dissolved and left his things behind! He couldn't answer the real question! Isn't it amazing? So I guess he was not real! It was just a dream!

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