Sunday, September 7, 2008

Do you see that right window is a painting?

This city called Borovsk and It's just 30 minutes away from Obninsk.

And it's 650 years old.

It seems like time stopped there!

But no one minds.

Just until two years ago, there was a bus parking lot in this big church.

I was so happy that it's getting finally repaired! I went inside, but a woman came out to me and said that there is new girls monastery there.

"How many nuns?" - I asked. "You not suppose to ask that." "Why?" - I was surprised. "Because life of a monastery must be kept a secret. You can't come to the monastery asking anything. You only come here to serve god."

She didn't like me to take her photos. And she didn't allowed me to go inside the church, because I was wearing jeans.

She gave me some "pirozhki" that nuns make inside that beautiful building and talked about her faith a lot... I told her that my name is "Faith" - Vera. She was glad.

Soon came time to say good bye. I needed to go to other places too! She didn't want me to go... I promised to come back visit one day.

Then there was a beautiful river.

and people going swimming...

And more churches, that getting rebuild.

and more old houses...

I was going to .... man's monastery.
And I was very surprised to see many people there... I guess it's quite famous.

I can't believe that someone wanted Russian people to be atheists for 70 years...

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