Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hello. I know it's weird again, but today 5 years ago I got married. I just remembered about it today when I start to put photos in "history in pictures". I finished my work in "HUSTLER" last night and tomorrow, just like 5 years ago, next day after getting married, I LEAVE the USA! But this time I'm not going to Japan I go home, to Russia and I'm already divorced for 2 years. Isn't it wired like even in one life time things repeat them selves again... just they different... yes.. same, but different... I swear to god I didn't plan it! I guess it's called KARMA.

Last night ended for me in VIP room with Indian computer programer. He sang me Indian poem in Hindu. I took money upfront this time, thinking that his singing might be horrible, but he was terrific! I think all strip clubs must have karaoke in it!

DJ forgot to call me on stage all night. I decided not to tip him.

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