Friday, August 22, 2008

My dream, taking photos of the backstage of real old fashion circus, just came true. I found this circus in Obninsk. They here just for 4 days and then they will travel to other small Russian city.
Circus performers told me that animals in the circus like to preform at the show much more then at the practice time. And they can tell the difference when is what. How? Very easy: they can get punished on the rehearsals, but never during the show.

I also found out that bear in the circus never been in the forest! Usually they born in the zoo and zoo gives small bear to the circus. Bears work in the circus until they get old and when they get retired, they go back to the zoo again where circus gets new small bear in exchange for the older one.


Chris V. said...

Fun photos! I was looking at some blogs I hadn't seen and found yours!

Vera Svechina said...

Thank you!!!! Come back soon! :)