Thursday, July 31, 2008

This morning I woke up early because lots of different thoghts came to my mind. I red in some book that If you wake up early it's a sighn of depression, but I actually feel happy. Just still sleepy a little bit. Anyway. When I was reading my own book the other day and there is a story about me meeting Tom Luddy in 1998, just 10 years ago. I was invited to sit through the meeting in "American Zoetrope" with him, David Hwong, Mata Yamamoto and Fred Ross about their upcoming project about Marco Polo. I didn't know who any of that people were including Marco. They were all acting strange, I thought, seeing me for the first time, they all listen carefully to what I had so say, like it meant a lot to them. I thought I have no connection to this meeting, till recently I discovered that "Marco Polo (September 15, 1254[1] – January 9, 1324 at earliest but no later than June 1325) was a Venetian trader and explorer who gained fame for his worldwide travels, recorded in the book Il Milione ("The Million" or The Travels of Marco Polo) also known as Oriente Poliano (the Orient of the Polos) and the Description of the World." Though Polo's book exaggerates places and cultures (and some scholars believe he never went as far east as China but only described places other travelers had been to), his book was widely published, translated into many languages, and thousands of copies were printed. Polo's book includes fanciful accounts of men with tails and cannibals seem to be around every corner. The book is somewhat a geography of Asian provinces. It is divided into chapters covering specific regions and Polo delves into the politics, agriculture, military power, economy, sexual practices, burial system, and religions of each area. Polo brought the ideas of paper currency and coal to Europe. He also included second-hand reports of areas that he had not visited, such as Japan and Madagascar."- so maybe I had connection with that meeting.

But then last night I was talking to someone about cell phone industry and we agreed that cell phones in Japan are the best in the world. (I like the cell phone I have, but still!) and I was wondering why instead of buying Japanese technology and sale Japanese phones all over the world - they cute and colorful, western phone companies try to come up with their own, that not so great and fun ones? HAVE ANY WESTERN CELL PHONE COMPANY BEEN IN JAPAN AND SOW JAPANESE PHONES??? Then we thought that Japan is ahead of the rest of the world in many ways and it made me think that maybe East is progressive and not West, like I was thought ? So maybe it's a time to put thing in place and change names for East and West. So Japan becomes West (meaning progressive) and America - East? Also we could change names for North and South. Then there will be no global warming problem too. It would make perfect sense! North becomes wormer, because actually it is the SOUTH! And maybe we all should walk backwards? Because it's a right way?...That brought me to the thought that maybe my book is not about Asia, but about Western world.....

I come to check in with DJ in Hustler. He looks at me and asks: "Are you dressed?" - like he doesn't see that I'm only wearing bra and panty. "Yes" - I jock... and he checks me in.

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