Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ones, I had a 100$ VIP dance with a guy. He tells me that he works in the shoe store close to where I live. After the dance he goes outside to the ATM to get out money to pay me, but he was a bit drank and he never comes back. I think "OK". Next morning I get up and remember that store where he works is close by. I have free time during the day and usually I sit in the cafe or just walk around, so I decide to go visit the shop where that guy worked. I go there, but I can't see him. I ask manager if "this and this" kind of guy works here. Manager says "Yes" and makes a phone call. The guy, who owns me money comes to the entrance. He sees me with his manager and I could tell he was shocked. "Where is my money? " - I ask. Guy quickly walks me outside and gives me 40$. "I don't have more with me, I will bring the rest to the club tonight". "Ok" - I said - "That is fine". When I arrive that evening to the club, our manager passes me the envelope with another $40. "The rest he will bring on friday. He said he doesn't have more money". "OK, Thank you" - I reply. Friday comes - the guy doesn't show up... Saturday, I have free time during the day..., so I go to his store again. "Sorry, my salary is next week. I will pay you then, Ok?" "Ok." - I say and continue shopping. In a few days he comes to "Hustler" and gives me my last 20$. "Would you like to have a dance?" - I ask. "No, thank you" - he replies. "Ok" - I smile and walk away.

DJ announces the girl who goes to dance on stage next: "And next girl LILI have been in 30 horror movies! How many horror movies you acted in, LILI?"


Day Walker said...

That'll teach the guy never to scam a dance!

No sorry, not Alexander Payne.

I was only in Japan for a few days and you were busy most of the time. We have not spoken to each other in about eight years, I had to take care of personal business which still failed...that's life.

I hope you will finish your film project one day, I'd like to see it.

So my dear friend...take care and we will chat again.

Bye for now!

Vera Svechina said...

Who is this?