Tuesday, March 24, 2009

OK. Sow Craig Newmark today. Here I'm learning again something about this world. A lot of it is about REAL ... SEX EDUCATION! JUST AS I SAID LONG TIME AGO! (check "FLYING STRIPPERS") I sow an article about sex education in "Time" the other day. It said: people don't know how to get about it. But I know how. I hope it all works out! FLY HIGH! "FLYING STRIPPERS"! 

Also I read now in SF examiner today that highchools may re-enlist
 J-ROTIC. I think it's a great AND IT'S MY OLD IDEA!!!! But still, "TO DATE another program has been not selected". I have a program to date! You can read about it again here:

or here:

NEWS PAPER IS RIGHT! : "School boards needs to take action!" I could talk about more about it with GAVIN NEWSOM.

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